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The school maintains a spacious, well stocked library containing books and journals on diverse subjects to supplement lessons taught and provide reference material for assignment and projects. The pleasure for reading section has books of various genres, magazines and newspapers

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The Science Laboratory comprises of three laboratories Physics, Chemistry Biology  and Maths respectively .  They are  well equipped with the requisite apparatus, specimens, slides, models and charts pertaining to requirements of the curriculum & students for practical's in Physics, Chemistry , Biology and Computer. The lab helps to engage students in open-ended investigative processes, using scientific problem solving and stimulates students to understand the nature of science including its unpredictability and complexity. It provides opportunity to engage in collaborative work and to develop  scientific attitude and behavior . It helps to acquire mastery in technique and the required skill needed  to pursue medicine ,  engineering, and technology.

Learning by doing is the hallmark of DPS. Being in tune with the demands of the time, we are now imparting education through Digital smart classes which facilitate better comprehension and learning and reiterate the fact that technology is now an integral part of the school system.

The School has  a fine transport system. The children may avail the school bus facility. The norms of  safety and security are strictly adhered to. The teachers accompany the students in the bus  so they are well taken care of. 

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 Rs. 4950.00

The school has an infirmary  which is taken care by a certified nurse . First aid is provided to the children.